Accounting & Auditing

Accounting and auditing are both essential business functions which, while distinctly different concepts, can interrelate at times. Small business owners must set up an accounting system before they open their doors to manage and record financial data, but auditing is generally reserved for larger or more established businesses. Understanding the definitions of accounting and auditing, as well as the correlation between the two, is vital to understanding business finance.

Accounting & Auditing services Includes:

loadingMaintenance of Accounting Books and Records
loadingPreparation of Periodic and Annual Accounts
loadingPreparation of Banking and Commercial Documentation
loadingPreparation of Consolidated Financial Statements
loadingEstablishment and Review of Accounting System
loadingManagement Accounting
loadingAccounting Advice
loadingPayroll Accounting
loadingDesigning Payroll Structures
loadingTransaction Support Services
loadingTransfer Pricing
loadingInternational Taxation