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Ancillary Services

Ancillary services are the specialty services and functions provided by the electric grid that facilitate and support the continuous flow of electricity so that supply will continually meet demand. The term ancillary services is used to refer to a variety of operations beyond generation and transmission that are required to maintain grid stability and security. These services generally include, frequency control, spinning reserves and operating reserves. Traditionally ancillary services have been provided by generators, however, the integration of intermittent generation and the development of smart grid technologies have prompted a shift in the equipment that can be used to provide ancillary services.

Ancillary Services Includes:

loadingDigital signature
loadingAdhaar Card
loadingTDS Return Submission
loadingLIC Advisory Services and Registration
loadingManagement Consultancy for setting up the structure
loadingProject Loan
loadingLoan against property (LAP)
loadingBusiness Loan
loadingWorking Capital Term Loan
loadingOverdraft/CC Facility
loadingMaintenance of Company Statutory Records
loadingStatutory Filing of Returns
loadingRepresentation Services
loadingCorporate Affairs Advisory
loadingCapital Gains Advice
loadingExpatriate Tax Advice
loadingTransfer Pricing
loadingInternational Taxation