Electronic way Bill

Electronic way Bill

                    Electronic way Bill (E- way Bill)

What is an E-way Bill and How Many types of E-way Bill?

 E- Way Bill is an electronic way bill for movements of Goods from one place to another when certain conditions are satisfied. As per the update on 23rd March 2018, Generation of the e-way bill has been made compulsory from 1st April 2018.

There are 2 types E-way Bill:

  • Normal e-way Bill – This e –way Bill shall be generated when there is transportation of goods having one type of HSN.
  • Bulk e- way Bill – This e –way Bill shall be generated when there is transportation of goods having multiple HSN code.

Who should generate an e- way Bill?

Registered person needs to generate an e- way bill during transportation. Any persons can generate E-way Bill using GSTIN, if in case of unregistered person the E-way bill can be generated by using pan card & Adhar card.

 When e-way bill is generated, a unique e-way bill number is made available to the supplier, transporter and recipient.

E-way Bill can be made by of the following persons:-

  • Sender
  • Transporter
  • Receiver

 E-way Bill has unique 12 Digit Number using QR Code for quick and easy verification.

When should E-way bill be issued and limits?

E-way Bill should be generated before the movement of the goods above value of INR 50,000.

Individually (Single Document) is less than or equal to 50,000

In Aggregate (all documents) exceed 50,000

Some conditions a registered person cannot transport the goods:

  • A GST registered person cannot transport goods in a vehicle whose value more than Rs. 50,000 (single bill/invoice/delivery Challan).
  • E-way bill can also generate or cancelled through SMS.

GST E-way Bill format

E-way bill to be electronically generated after completing the form GST EWB – 01.

      Form GST EWB- 01 (Rule 138)

                    E-way format

Part A


GSTIN of Recipient


Place of Delivery


Invoice or Challan number


Invoice or Challan Date


Value of Goods


HSN Code


Reason for Transportation


Transport Document Number

Part B


Vehicle Number


  • GSTIN of Recipient: - The recipient of the goods needs to provide the GST identification.
  • Place of Delivery: - The pin code of the place where the goods are to be delivered.
  • Invoice or Challan Number: - The Invoice or Challan number of the supplied goods.
  • Invoice or Challan Date: - The invoice or Challan Date needs to be filled.
  • Value of Goods: - The total consignment value of the goods.
  • HSN code: - The HSN Code of the transported goods is required. If the turnover is up to INR 5 Crore, Then the First 2-Digit needs to be mentioned. If turnover more than 5 crore, then the 4 – Digit needs to be mentioned.
  • Reason for Transportation:-one needs to select the most appropriate option from the list of reasons.
  • Transport Document Number: - one needs to enter the goods/ Railway receipt number and Airway/ Bill of loading number.

In part B of this form,

  • Vehicle Number:-The vehicle number needs to be filled of the transported of goods.

How to Generate E-way Bills?

E-way Bill Generated online e-way bill system or SMS.

Some steps to generate e-way bill online or SMS:

s.no Who When  Which part  Form 


A Registered person

Before Movements of goods

Part A

 GST EWB -01


If Registered person is consignor or consignee or Recipient of goods

Before Movements of goods

Part B

 GST EWB -01


If Registered person is consignor and goods are handed over to transporter of goods

Before Movements of goods

Part B

The registered person to furnish information about the transporter GST EWB – 01


Transporter of goods

Before Movements of goods

Part - A

E-way Bill created based on the information


An unregistered person under GST and recipient is registered

Recipient is consider

Part - B





E-way Bill based on the distance traveled by the goods and type of conveyance.

There are two types of cargo

  1. Normal cargo
  2. Dimensional cargo


Type of conveyance


Validity of EWB


Normal cargo

Up to 100 kms

1 Day from the date of generation.


Over Dimensional cargo

Up to 20 kms

1 Day from the date of generation.

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